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"I've always believed that electing Trump creates unacceptable risks for America -- to our security, to our economy, and to our constitutional rights," said James K. Glassman, former Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy. "This survey confirms that tens of millions of Americans have these same fears. As they should." "The American people believe we are a coin flip away from nuclear war or a default on our debt if Donald Trump is elected president," said Andrew Weinstein, former advisor to House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Senator Bob Dole's 1996 presidential campaign. "Even Trump's own supporters believe there is a shockingly high risk of him unleashing a nuclear, financial, or constitutional catastrophe from the Oval Office. This survey shows that Americans see a Trump presidency as a game of Russian roulette, except there's a bullet in every chamber." "The poll shows that Donald Trump is getting his message across, because he has promised most of these goals as part of his platform," said B. Jay Cooper, former Deputy White House Press Secretary and former Director of Communications for the Republican National Committee. "Teleprompter Trump is still the same old Uninformed Donald who is a danger to our country's safety." Full survey data and crosstabs can be found at lincolnleaders.org . Methodology The poll was conducted via SurveyMonkey on behalf of the Lincoln Leadership Initiative among a national sample of 1,051 registered voters from September 16 to September 21, 2016.

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Justin Paddock, Chief of the Bureau of Electronics and Appliance Repair tell us, After two or three visits, its time to have a conversation about replacement. He says, if an appliance doesnt work within the warranty period, the law says the manufacturer must make a reasonable amount of attempts to fix it. If it cant be fixed and its still under warranty the manufacture should replace it or give you your money back. But Gale says LG refused to send anyone else out to look at the machine. Paddock says consumers shouldnt give up, If they refuse to come out a third time a consumer would want to take advantage of small claims court action, he said. We contacted LG which told us in spite of the washer being nearly 18 months out of warranty, We provided a free service call. And we were unable to identify any defect to be corrected. The customer declined to allow further troubleshooting. Thats something Gale disputes ever happened. But after we got involved LG refunded Gale $977 the amount she paid for her washer. Shes pleased. We expect some integrity and we expect to get what we pay for, said Gale. Gale did one thing that almost made this impossible to resolve.

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Regarding to Adrienne Welch & Danielle Crowley in the College or university of Rhode Island website, obsession is certainly even more of a concern with online gaming because of the quickness and simplicity of being able to view the gambling. Certifying approval agencies have been approved to have the requisite professional understanding and reliability to pursue the largest, most thorough, and most well-timed gambling establishment taxes rebate. Efforts to legalise modern casino gambling in Japan, which market experts say is definitely one of the world's last major untapped video gaming markets, have got been postponed repeatedly amid opposition from lawmakers concerned about cravings and organized crime. Als hervorstechende Beispiele sind hier dieses 888 Gambling house sowie das InterCasino zu nennen, welche mehrmals zum Besten Online Internet casino des Jahres ausgezeichnet wurden.Beim Kniff Roulette gibt es genau pass สโบเบท ขั้นต่ำ 700 away gleichen Testosterone levelsücken wie beim Martingale Program, allerdings geht guy beim Kniff noch von einer Fehlinformation aus. Alle Spiele im Grand Hotel Internet casino werden von Microgaming hergestellt und verwenden die führende VIPER Software, so wird floridaüssiges, schnelles und umfassenderes Spielgeschehen garantiert. Aside from reviews, there are general video game evaluations that are carried out by the owners of the on-line modern casino. Bonusse, expire im Gambling establishment verteilt werden, sind fül dieses Spiel auf diesem Produkt reserviert und eönnen nicht für ein Spiel auf einem anderen von uns angebotenen Produkt (zum Beispiel für Wetten oder yür Poker) genutzt werden.

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